Many social media exist on the internet, but their usefulness is not focused on crypto users. Therefore, we come to provide the needs of crypto users in social media. PepeHub’s main product is the social media application. PepeHub exists to provide convenience in using social media for crypto anthusiasts and especially for $PEPE lovers. PepeHub ticker token is $PEHUB that is BSC (Binance Smart Chain) based.

We provide Web3 based social media platform. The members do not need an email, password or OTP to log in the social media platform from PepeHub. They just need to connect their wallet to PepeHub social media platform to interact with other members like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram or Bitcointalk.

PepeHub has several support products including DeFi (Stake and Farm), AI and NFTs. We will put them all in our main product. We are trying to sell the main product that is different from other projects and we have already launched it on the Mainnet at the beginning of our existence in crypto space.

Several PepeHub Products

As we explained above, PepeHub has several products, here we will discuss those products in more detail.

1. Social Media Application

On the PepeHub social media application, it provides touches from some prominent social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and Bitcointalk. We have launched the Pepehub social media application on Mainnet. PepeHub social media application has several features, including:

· A few menus like in other social media. (released)

· Trending parameters, like Twitter. (released)

· Fanspage, like Facebook. (released)

· Status update, like Instagram. (released)

· Public and private groups, like Telegram. (released)

· Forum, like Bitcointalk. (released)

· Delivery tips feature for users. (released)

· Supported Widget from CMC. (released)

· Staking. (not yet released)

· Farming. (not yet released)

· AI. (not yet released)

· NFT Menu. (not yet released)

· NFT Market Place. (not yet released)

· User’s Wallet. (not yet released)

Of some features we have provided, some we have released and others we have not released yet. Features that we have not released will be launched gradually according to the roadmap. All of these features are very necessary for members to interact in the crypto space.

2. DeFi

We will provide some DeFi products on the PepeHub Application menu. There are 2 products that we will offer:

· Staking

There are two types of staking. Those are PepeHub Official Staking and Public Staking. Staking for the public works for other projects that need a staking feature on PepeHub, they can set up their own pool rewards, pairs, APY and staking period.

· Farming

We also offer two types of farming. Those are PepeHub Official Farming and Public Farming. Public Farming works for other projects that need the Farming feature on PepeHub, they can set up their own for pool rewards, pairs, APY and Farming period.

3. AI

As we know that AI is very popular on the internet, many AI users from some groups include crypto users. Therefore, we will deliver AI products on the PepeHub Application. We will present a number of products, including:

· AI Images

· AI Post

· AI Blog

· AI Avatar atau Cover

4. NFT’s

Basically, we took PepeHub from a very popular meme project namely PEPE, from their existence then emerged several projects that use the name Pepe. We are inspired by the pictures of the PEPE project and we have plans to make a few NFT PEPE then we will sell them to the public. Within the PepeHub app, we will also provide the NFT market place menu, but we will launch them according to the roadmap we have made.



Buy : 0%

Send : 0%

Sell : 6%

· 2 % for Holders. Holders automatically received $PEPE tokens from every sell transaction.

· 2 % for Buyback. Auto buyback from every sell transaction and auto burn it.

· 2 % for Marketing. This fund for marketing support.


We have completed the audit stage for our token $PEHUB. BlockSafu has announced the results of the $PEHUB token audit.

Tweet link:

Audit link:

Token Supply

· 40 % for Token Sale: 400.000.000.000 $PEHUB

Token sale will be held by FairLaunch system.

· 25 % for Liquidty: $PEHUB

It will be locked for 1 year on the Pancakeswap.

· 20 % for staking and farming: $PEHUB

It will be locked for 1 year and will be opened every month during locking period.

· 10 % for Ecosystem: $PEHUB

It will be locked for 1 year and will be opened every month linearly after 1 year locking period.

· 5 % for Marketing: $PEHUB

It will be used for KOL’s, AMA’s and listing on CEX.


Q2 2023

· Initiate the creation of a PepeHub project.

· Integration the main product, Web3 crypto social media application version 1.0.

· Create a smart contract of $PEHUB token.

· Smart contract audits.

· Establish cooperation with various projects.

· Integrate Send Tips feature.

· Perform various marketing activities.

· $PEHUB token sale.

· Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

· DeFi product integration.

Q3 2023

· Launch the main product for Android and IOS.

· Development of social media product version 2.0.

· Listing on CEX.

· Employees recruitment.

· Integrate AI products into our social media applications.

· Integration into several chains.

Q4 2023

· Development of social media product version 3.0.

· Launch and sale the PepeHub NFTs.

· Open the NFT Market Place.

Q1 2024

· Development of the whole project gradually

Additional Information

$PEHUB token has been audited by

PepeHub Official account:

PepeHub also opens opportunities for making collaboration with other parties. For collaboration requests, you can send an email to the following address:


Nothing contained in this litepaper or web platform could be considered as a promise, statement or promise regarding the future performance of the PepeHub.

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